Monday, March 18, 2013

Cc is for Construction!

 YAY! I received great news today!! I got my test results! 
 RELAX!!! NOT those kinds of results!!!  
   I passed my 2nd New York State Certification test! 
   Two down, one more to go and then I will officially be a certified teacher in TWO states! (Illinois and New York)
   Anyhow, it has been a short time since I have posted about what is going on in my classroom!! Well, my preschoolers have been "At Work and Under Construction"!
   After our Dr. Seuss unit, I was sensing that the kiddos needed a fun unit! Our curriculum called for a unit on City vs. Country. Last year when I tried a unit like this, it was a big flop. So I turned it up a notch and began the unit by first discussing the city and country and going through the differences between the two. And then I turned the focus to the different types of vehicles that can be seen in both areas.
   THAT’S how it started! And then it took a slight turn. And so I went with it.
   It took a big turn towards a mini Construction unit, once I threw some trucks and tractors into the sand table!
   Since I have a classroom of 14 boys, I knew this would be a hit!
   And it was...even though it was a fairly brief unit.
   I whipped up some Alphabet mats and made a Matching Uppercase to Lowercase game. Some children needed some extra help in matching, so I brought out our Letter cards for them to reference back to.
I also made some Alphabet matching puzzles.
Our art center activities were pretty fun and engaging too!
We created different types of trucks and vehicles using different shapes.

   And we threw some construction tools with our play-doh and they had a blast sawing and hammering their play-doh.
  After just 2 days of doing activities centered around trucks and construction, I wished I had time to do more with it! 

   On that note, I am still working out the details on My Blog Birthday Giveaway! I was hoping to go BIG with it but with my readership still being low (even after a whole year!!), I might hold off on a big giveaway until I hit the 100 Follower mark! Giveaway details will be posted by Friday!!

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