Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some "Peep-tastic" Fun!

   So, I will admit... I am not a big fan of the ever so popular candy Peeps!
   BUT as I browsed around Pinterest and many other awesome blogs, I found some FUN stuff to do with peeps that don't require having to eat them.
   Bernadette, over at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, shared a post about Easter Science Fun. She highlighted a science experiment called The Microwaved Peep Experiment that I have been just dying to try!! THANKS for this idea, Bernadette!  (Be sure to go visit her blog to check out some more fun ideas!)
   So, we bought some peeps, and I had my little munchkin try one...Guess what? She isn't too thrilled about them either!
  So, getting her to play with them was so easy. We put the 1st peep in the microwave  for 25 seconds and watched it inflate twice its size. But one we opened the microwave door, it was quick to deflate.
   My 14 year old son was watching along and urged me to put it in longer. So  we took another one and put it in for 45 seconds. This one got even bigger! And quickly deflated and was splattered on the plate!
Check out my little one's face!
   THEN he put one in for a minute...it inflated to what I am sure was its max size, then began to deflate and started to burn through the styrofoam plate!!  OOOPS!!
   And once we opened the microwave door-- Wooo-wee! Did it stink!
   It was SOOOO much fun doing that! Even my 14 year old got a kick out the "exploding peeps"! He now wants to try it with the mega peeps we saw in the store the other day!
   We managed to save a few peeps so that we could play some more!
   And so I brought out some paint and had my little one paint with Peeps!
A Perfect Peep Painting!
Who knew Peeps could provide so much fun?!
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  1. Sara, thanks for mentioning my post - you must try to mega peeps. We did it last week & they are huge. Your kiddos will get a kick out of it.