Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March is Birthday Month!!!

   So in March, I will be celebrating THREE very important birthdays!

    March 10 was my little one's 4th Birthday.
    March 13 is my husband's Birthday.

   AND the month of March is my Blog's Birthday!
 Yay!! Lots to celebrate!!
   This past week, while I was trying not to lose my mind in the classroom, I was busy prepping for my daughter's party. I was a little worried, when by Wednesday, I did not get more than 2 RSVPs! I was starting to get disappointed that all my hard work (and money!) in planning her Dr. Seuss party was going to be for nothing!
   But by Friday, everything was looking SOOO much better. I had a few more people confirm that they were coming AND my sister came into town-- along with my mom and my niece (who I did not know were even coming!)

   Anyhow, here are a few of the birthday pictures!  (Many were inspired by wonderful ideas on Pinterest)
   I decorated her playroom using Dr. Seuss quotes and the lovely collectible books and stuffed animals from Kohls.
I made my own banner with my awesome Cricut machine and found these fun Fluffy Decorations at Party City to make Truffula Trees!

The food  and treats were all centered around different books.
 And each guest received their own crazy straw cup (or just a crazy straw) to fill with their choice of juice!

 I found these AWESOME cupcake fondant toppers on Etsy, handmade by MJ Tabush Sweet Designs.
And my mom created a mini Cat in The Hat cake!

The kiddos made sun catchers and had a great time keeping themselves entertained in the playroom!  
Can you tell????
EVEN the cats were enjoying the party!!!!!

We played Pin the Fish in the Fish Bowl and "Seussical Chairs"
When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, the Birthday Girl decided to get super shy. 
(Or maybe it was because she had been so excited throughout the party and didn't realize she missed nap time!)

 And here is my little one enjoying her birthday cupcake!! 
It was a FANTABULOUS Day!! 
(and the clean up was lots of fun too! --- NOT!) 

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and THEN...
It will be time to prepare for my BLOG'S BIRTHDAY!!
Or should I say "Blog-iversary"?
(Hmmm... I need to think of an awesome giveaway!)
Stay tuned.... more details to follow SOON!!


  1. The party looks wonderful! So glad to have found your blog.

    1. Thanks! All the hard work (and time away from my blogging) was well worth it!

  2. What a great party. Thanks for the report. And congratulations on your blog!

    1. Thanks! I am still working on my blog birthday giveaway...

  3. What a cute idea I love the blog. I like to read about moms who does home schooling that is something I would of liked to do.


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes I wish I could be a stay at home mom and home school on a full time basis! So I just settle for what I can do with my little one whenever we have time! I look forward to the summer months b/c we can get so much more done!

  4. Love the eggs and ham platter! Your ideas are all so creative.