Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are you "Egg-cited" about eggs? =)

Happy Easter everyone!
   I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter! Since we don't have family out here we are laying low today and just relaxing! I am actually waiting to hear from my sister soon so that we can SKype with the family and somewhat spend some time together for this holiday!
   Yesterday we colored eggs in a different way. I found the idea on Pinterest (as I seem to be doing alot of these days), posted from Shannon over at Tot School.
   I remember dying eggs last year and my little one didn't care to eat them b/c once we peeled them, she did not like that they were colored on the inside! So... to try and color eggs without the dye seeping into the egg, we attempted to try this: 
We used white vinegar, food coloring, whip cream and eggs.
First I had her put on an apron. Then I soaked the eggs in the bowl with vinegar for few minutes.
Then I put some whip cream in a bowl and added some food coloring and had her mix it. (We tried not to mix too much so that we could get some kind of swirl on the eggs.)

Once they were done, I used a spatula to get them out of the bowls and onto a plate. 
   One thing on her blog that was  specifically noted was that the eggs need to be refrigerated for at least 8 hours in order for the color to stay on the eggs. And this morning before she woke up, I wiped the whip cream off the eggs (very carefully) and we had some cute eggs! 
   (And when we cracked them open and peeled them, there was very little to no dye on the inside of egg at all!)
    OH--- I just remembered earlier today that I never posted the goodies I made for my daughter's Easter party at school nor the treats I made for my co-workers! It is so funny b/c they already know me and look forward to me yummy  little treats when holidays come around!
   Anyhow, I made little Bunny Tails for the kids at my daughter's school. Rather than use donut holes (which I could not find), I used mini donuts!
   And for my co-workers, I made these cute little butterflies using Reese's Egg Shaped Candy.
   And with Easter and Eggs on our mind the past few days, my little munchkin and I engaged ourselves into some fun and creative Egg Art Projects!
   Again, my fellow blogger over at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, highlighted a fun art activity (Wet Chalk and Tape Resist EasterEgg) that involves 4 simple items: Cardstock paper, colored chalk, water and masking tape.
   Anyhow, back to the Wet Chalk Art--- All you do is cut out an oval shape from the paper, place masking tape however you please, then dip the chalk into water and color away!
 Even I couldnt resist making one!
Once we were done, we let them sit out to dry for awhile.

   My little one wanted to take off of her egg all by  herself, and had a bit of a rough time and some of the paper got torn off.
 But they came out so Cute!  And it doesn't smear much as it would if it were dry chalk!
   Then we went on a button search to find enough fun and colorful buttons for our next project:   

A FUN button egg craft! 
(Which I still have to get into a frame!!)
  And she didn't want to stop there! OH-- my little one loves arts & crafts! She had randomly picked up an white egg decoration at Michaels last weekend and she wanted to paint it!  
   So she did just that! I was a pink and purple egg because those two are her favorite colors! (as she reminded me 50 times as she was painting it!)

 And well, that was all the "EGG-citing" Egg fun we had!

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