Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Early Spring!! (So Phil says!)

Happy Groundhog Day!
   So I am usually not very excited about Groundhog Day, especially since there is a ton of snow on the ground this morning and more headed our way… BUT I was up at 7am. to watch Punxsutawney Phil determine the weather for the next 6 weeks!
   And YAY!! He did not see his shadow, so if he is right then Spring will arrive early!!  J
   I touched on Groundhog Day briefly with my preschoolers yesterday and I loved how they were all eyes and ears as I introduced them to my friend Mr. Groundhog.
   I read the book “Go To Sleep, Groundhog!” by Judy Cox and told them all about the tradition/folklore of Groundhog Day. 

   And then I used this little graphing set from Over The Moon Bow
 (Click the link or picture for your own copy) 
   I asked “Do You Think The Groundhog Will See His Shadow?” and had each one of them make a prediction and contribute to our class graph by placing their prediction (YES or NO) in the right column!

   And this morning, my own little munchkin crawled out of bed just before 7:15am, just in time to sit with me and watch it all on tv.
   After breakfast, we went right to work on learning more about Groundhogs. Scholastic has a Groundhog Weekly Reader and we took a look at the hard copy and read it online too. Then we watched a cool video about Groundhogs.
(I am a subscriber, but I think you can still have access to the reader as well!)
   She worked on some printables offered by Scholastic as well.
(Here she is again in her Spiderman pjs! Those are her pjs of choice on the weekends! Which is good b/c if she wore them during the week, I am sure I would be in big trouble b/c she wouldn’t want to take them off!)
   Anyhow, we worked on comprehension, with Mr. Groundhog by her side! I read a sentence strip, she chose the picture that it belonged to.
   She practiced cutting as she matched objects and their shadows-- an activity sheet that I found in my collection of Mailbox magazines.
    And of course we had to make a cute little Groundhog Craft!
   Here is her Groundhog peeking out of his burrow!
   AND we are going to have THIS Groundhog Snack later today! YUM!

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