Sunday, February 17, 2013

I need to do a little catching up....!!

   So Valentine's Day came and went and I wanted to share just a few more activities that my little one and I did...but things go crazy for the remainder of the week, so I just forgot!

   So, before this weekend is over, I just want to share my pics from Valentine's Day!

   This year, the hubby and I went for handmade/homemade gifts this year:

   He found his crafty side and made this for me:
   And I took a stab at a new homemade protein bar recipe, just for him:

   And of course, the little one had some fun activities that she did throughout the week, in anticipation of Valentine's Day!

   I took my Valentine Ten Frames and used them as Ten Frame mats, instead of having her cut and paste.
Click the picture to get yours at my TPT store!!

   This next idea I found somewhere on Pinterest (and if I remember right, it was used as a literacy activity), and I wish I would have pinned it!-- Don't you hate when that happens???

I used heart dice and heart containers filled with Conversation Hearts to have her practice her counting, and matching number to set.
   Her favorite part was that she was able to eat some after she was all done!

   And then I picked up these play-doh mats from Jennifer over at Pink Polka Dots & PreK and I told her that I would feature them on my blog. I am just sad that I could not get a chance to do so sooner. Sorry Jennifer!
   I mixed these with my pink glitter play-doh (that I had also made for my preschoolers) and some fun heart cutters, and she was playing with this even after her pjs were put on!
So, there you have it... all my Valentine's Day fun!

   This past weekend, when I wasn't getting ready for my son's bowling party or starting my plans for my daughter's birthday party next month, I ventured on over to some of my homeschooling blogs and came across The Virtual Book Club for Kids, hosted by The Educator's Spin On It blog. This blog is AWESOME!!

  This month, the featured author for the Virtual Book Club is none other than---- Dr. Seuss!!

I am excited to be sharing my fun Dr. Seuss book activity this coming week!! (Tomorrow, actually!)
Stay Tuned!!

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  1. Your pink play-doh came out so cute! Hope your little one enjoyed the mats! :)