Monday, February 18, 2013

Joining the Virtual Book Club for Kids in saluting Dr. Seuss!!

  The Dr. Seuss fun is underway and I am VERY excited to be linking up with the Virtual Book Club for Kids, hosted by The Educator’s Spin On It !
   In my household, the buzz is ALL about Birthdays!! My son’s 14th birthday  is tomorrow, my mom’s birthday is the 20th, my little girl’s birthday is March 10th and my husband’s birthday is March 13th!
   So, there is LOTS of birthday talk going on these days. It made PERFECT sense to read Dr. Seuss ‘ book, “Happy Birthday To You!”
   I read it to my little one, my husband read it to her… and then SHE read it to the dog! (I wish I would have gotten that picture! It was sooo sweet)
   There were so many activities that we could do with a birthday theme. We started off by talking about when every family member had a birthday and then wrote the names down on the calendar. 
   We also earned the letters in the phrase “Happy Birthday”.
    I found this awesome Birthday theme pack from Over the Big Moon.  
And I purchased the Letter Bb pack (which included fun Birthday graphics) from Analia over at Ingles 360. She has awesome products in English & Spanish! And her blog is pretty awesome too! 
   Both were GREAT packs to get my little one all excited about Birthdays!

   One of the first things I did when we chose the book, was make a trip to Dollar Tree to buy some party items to create a Birthday Box. It included the party essentials (plate, cups, tablecloth, banner, etc and her everyday kitchen food.). Her cake by Melissa & Doug is one of her favorite toys and she uses it any chance she gets! And we took everything and decorated a corner of the den aka the ‘playroom’.
   I thought it would be AWESOME to make our very own 3 tier cake!! Using craft materials, of course! 
   Ha… I could never pull of a 3 tier cake!
  I purchased 3 different sized boxes at Michaels and found some cute ribbon on clearance for $1. I pulled out my Modge Podge, some foam stickers and punched out circles and hearts from scrapbook paper.
 And my little one and I went right to work!
 TA-DA!! Here is the end result!! How I wish we could really make a 3 tier cake that gorgeous!!
Then we made play-doh cupcakes with real candles and silicone cupcake wrappers!

  And OF COURSE we HAD to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! (The playroom has been decorated for a few days, but yesterday was the day we actually had the party.)
   We got her American Girl Bitty Twins all dressed up and had a PARTY! It was complete with music and everything!
Look! Even our kitty joined in on the fun!
    It was the perfect way to end our Birthday fun!
    It has been so much fun doing all these birthday activities with her. She is now SUPER excited about her own birthday party…which is actually going to entail everything Dr. Seuss!


  1. Okay, this is about the most adorable post ever! What a blast!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Thank you so much for joining us for the Dr. Seuss Virtual Book Club! I love love love this birthday party, especially the 3 tier cake! Can't wait to read this book with my daughters and have our own party.

    1. Thanks! I am so happy to have come across your blog! Pretend play is always so much fun... and the added bonus is the books that go along with it!!

  3. I love the party table... looks fantastic.