Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A peek at my Valentine's Day treats!

Well, it has been a busy week for me- with trying to finish up Valentine goodies for my little one's Valentine's Day party tomorrow and for my preschoolers.... AND actually being a teacher and doing stupid mid-year testing AND being a mom!!

ANYWAY.... Here is a peek at the awesome Valentine's Day Treat ideas I found via Pinterest!

After I filled the goodie bags for my daughter's class and my class, I came across these and fell in love with them!
   I had to start on them right away because these cute little containers had to be ordered.  I found them at Stampin' Up. Very cute, many ways to use them AND inexpensive! I got 2 dozen for just $1.77... And the only other things I needed were a bag of M&Ms, Lollipop sticks and some red and pink scrapbook paper.
   I had originally intended on making them lollipops, like in the picture, BUT I couldn't quite figure out how to attach the stick without it being too top heavy!! So, I just decided to leave them as is! I made these for my daughter's classroom goodie bags and for my colleagues at work too!

   And here is my other Valentine treat! SO simple and VERY cute:
   I actually just came across this one on Monday night! I headed to Walmart today after work to get the candy to make them and wow- their shelves were empty!! (What could I have expected, right??)
 So I moved on to Target and after scouring through their almost empty shelves, I found the Nestle Crunch candy I needed. YAY!
  Since the candy supply was limited, I only made these for my daughter's teachers.

   When I take a step back...I realize how far I have come in my love for crafts! This is actually a recently discovered hobby of mine! This Valentine's Day marks one year since my addiction to crafts has sprouted! And all thanks to.... PINTEREST!!  (amongst other factors!)

Well, I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day tomorrow!! 

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