Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Show Success... and a Freebie for you because I am in a GREAT mood! =)

   The Art Show today was a SUCCESS! It took place this afternoon and I did not realize just how excited my munchkins were until today. All I heard was "The Art Show is today!" "What time is the art show?" "Where is our Artwork?" "My mom said she's coming to the Art Show",etc....
   And once naptime was over and snack was was time!
   As I said in my last post, it was such a fun experience to expose the kids to abstract art and have them create their own masterpieces!
Take a look at our Art Gallery wall:
Here is what I think (of course!) was the highlight of the Art Show!! 
My kids learned about the abstract art of Kandinsky and painted their version of Concentric Circles!
The other 4 year old classroom created masterful Self Portraits:
One of the 3 year old classrooms also focused their art skills on Self Portraits:
The other 3 year old classroom created Marble Paintings and Chalk Art (not pictured):

   After that, we parked ourselves on the floor in front of the stage to enjoy the music of Saxman Slim.
He was awesome! 
 He played children's show tunes and had the kids guess the show. 
   And then he provided some sunglasses and hats for all the kids, along with some fun dancing music towards the end of his performance. (I am so glad I am able to post these incognito photos!)

   I had SOOO much fun, getting down and dancing with my kids.I probably looked like a dork, but I was having tons of fun!
    It was a day where I was, once again, reminded WHY I became and why I choose to remain a PRESCHOOL teacher. The fun and excitement never stops!  =)

   So because I am still in a good mood, I am posting a Groundhog Day FREEBIE for you!

Click on the Groundhog to get your FREEBIE!!