Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yay!! 50 followers!! AND some 'snow dough" and other wintery fun!

Yea!! I FINALLY reached        50 followers!!

   Plans are now in the works for my very 1st GIVEAWAY!!  I have been waiting SOOO long for this…now to figure out HOW to host a giveaway! 

 Look! Even my newly adopted fur baby, Brooklyn (my Christmas present) was even impressed that I finally reached 5o followers! 

Well. guess I better get to planning!! Anyone willing to offer tips or advice?!

 Come back and visit this Saturday for more details!  =)

   Anyhow, I am cannot believe that I have survived this week so far!
   This week, 2 of our busiest kiddos returned to school and wow… all I can say is ---I don’t know how I do it sometimes!  But somehow, my one aide and I have managed to make it through each day…Although the two of us are awesome together, I really do miss the dynamic that is present when the three of us are all present in the classroom.

   On a lighter note, my little munchkin and I have gotten back into the swing of things with our fun learning at home!

   This past weekend, she really gave me a hard time when it came to nap time! On Saturday, she refused to take a nap. So rather than lose my mind over it, I gave her a quiet activity to do. I have been wanting to make cloud dough for some time now, and I finally got around to it! Except I told her we were going to make some “SNOW”! I recommend it to all moms of young children!!
   Just take some simple everyday ingredients and you will get a whole lotta quiet and fun sensory play!

Ingredients are:
-8 cups of flour
-1 cup of baby oil (I substituted it with vegetable cooking oil b/c it is all that I had availableworks the exact same)
   She helped me make it and then sat there for at least 3o minutes just running her hands through it… then asked for her My Little Pony toys to play with in her 'snow'

    Then on Sunday, we did some marble painting and made a winter snow scene!

   Regardless of all the indoor fun, nothing beats all the snow fun we had outdoors!

   Don't forget to stop and visit on Saturday to participate in my 1st Giveaway!

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