Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Penguins & Polar Bears and... A Cold?! "Oh My!"

   So…Last week and yesterday, many of the kids were coughing and sneezing and spreading their little kiddie germs all over the room! Seems as if they passed along their germs to me and then stayed home! I only had 10 of my 18 kids show up to school today!  The temperature these days has been VERY bitter cold! I do not blame  them for staying in bed!

  I feel like I have been run over by a truck and to make matters even worse --- I think I am losing my voice. Yup, killer throat pain. =(  I have been debating whether or not I really should take a day off tomorrow or Friday. Heck, I deserve a day off… I have not taken a single day off yet this school year!
   Anyhow, since I was feeling the cold coming on this past weekend, I was in no mood to do any really detailed lesson planning…Which was fine, because we need a review week anyway! So that is what we are doing this week! Good thing I did not carry on with my next big unit and over plan…since a lot of my munchkins would have missed it all!
   Anyhow, we engaged in some fun Arctic animal artwork during our Arctic Animal study last week. I tend to be a little biased when it comes to this topic, as all I want to focus on is Penguins and Polar Bears… I know, I know - bad teacher!
   I did discuss all types of polar animals this time around, BUT the best artwork was centered around Penguins & Polar Bears.
We had such a fun time playing with puffy paint (shaving cream and glue) when we made our snowman a few weeks ago, we had to do it again to make a Polar Bear. I gave the kiddos an outline of a polar bear and allowed them to play with the puffy paint mix and then had them finger paint the bear.

   I have a lot of munchkins who give me the “I don’t know how” answer all the time when asked to draw something, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to encourage their drawing skills by focusing on the shapes of things. They each got a sheet of paper with an oval on it.  They were told that the oval was the body of the penguin and they had to finish the penguin from that point. We discussed how the the beak and feet could be make from a triangle shape or straight lines. There was black paint, orange paint and had cotton balls at the art table, readily available for their use.
   They went right to work!

   Cute, huh? 

Some munchkins simply watched what other kids were doing and followed their lead, but they all made one! 
And they were all super cute! 
(I wish I could post pictures of all of them!)

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