Monday, January 14, 2013

"Snow" much fun with Math!!

   Well, I wish I could say Happy Monday, but it hasn’t all been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, nothing horrible happened, it was just, well… a Monday!
   The rain and weird weather has melted away all our snow and my whole body and mind are confused!!  Is it winter or not??
   But, that hasn’t stopped the winter learning fun. We have done a lot of different activities related to snowyou know, the usual stuffThe Snowy day, snowflake paintings, snowman names, etc.
   But today the munchkins embarked on some math fun!
   During circle time, I started teaching Estimation and had the kids guess how many “snow balls” they thought were in the jar. My aide and I will be encouraging them to write their guess on a sheet of paper throughout the week.

   We had two different math center activities going on today!
   We worked on our counting skills with cotton balls and ice cube trays. They each took a turn and played together, to see who could fill up their tray first.
   I have seen different Roll & Write activities for different skills, but I decided to make my own version to help my munchkins practice writing numbers.
    Since my focus this week is to have them identify and write numbers,  I took some little foam cubes I bought awhile back at the Dollar Tree, wrote numbers on the cubes and used them as dice. They rolled the cube, identified the number and then chose a box to write it in. And they continued to do this until all 6 boxes were full.
They really enjoyed this activity and as they were engaged in the activity, I thought of a few other ways to use this activity sheet.
   Later this week, I plan on using cotton balls and an ice cream scooper and have them scoop out “snow balls”, count them and then write the number1
   That’s all I have for tonight… Time to get to bed and get recharged for tomorrow….
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  1. What fun activities! Love the cotton ball math centers, that is such a great idea. Speaking of giveaways, I hopped over to tell you that I'm having a giveaway for my new transportation unit. Come check it out! :)

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