Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Counting and adding practice with Flower Ten Frames!

   As I chug along (or drag my feet) to make it to the end of the school year, I can honestly say that I have checked out. I know it sounds really bad, but that is the truth. My mind is fried, my body is beyond exhausted and I am just DONE! 6 more days!!!!
   So instead of trying to relax a little like I deserve to, I have focused my energy on the learning fun with my 4 year old at home. My Idea Boxes are full to the brim with lots of ideas that I want to cover this summer!!
    But right now, we are still working with our Garden Theme. We did alot of work in her Math Basket and she practiced counting and adding with these cute Flower Ten Frames that I created.
Click the picture above or HERE to get your set today!

   Here are a few other math activities that I created last year (with my Cricut that I actually have been neglecting lately!!) to practice counting and matching Number to Set.

   We have a few more other things to share but for now, I have to sign off! My sis is flying in to visit tonight! My little munchkin has been asking me ALL night, "Is it time to pick up Desi yet?" Luckily for her (and me) she gets to stay home and sleep in with her tomorrow (because it is WAY past her bedtime right now)... and I get free daycare for the next 2 days!  Everyone wins!

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