Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sweet on Math!

I promised some fun,  SWEET stuff, so here we go!
   It is SUMMER and we want to SNACK on SWEETS all day long!!  Well, we dodont you?
   The little one practiced counting and writing numbers with these SWEET Math activities.
   First I looked through her play food and put a bunch of different foods in a basket and asked her to sort them into 2 categories: Snack & Not a Snack...this was much too easy for her as she has become a big snacker!

   Then she made a Sweet Candy Machine and glued on as many different sweets onto a circle shape that she cut out. 
   She added the base of the machine and used a sheet I created to count out how many of each sweet candy she had in her machine. And she did a great jo in attempting to write the numbers.
    Here it is: Naomis Sweet Candy Machine!
    And then she practiced counting and matching number to set with these sweet math printables that I created. 
   She isnt too thrilled with the Count & Clip concept, even though it is a great fine motor skill. She prefers to color in the circles whatever works, right?

Click on the picture to get this in my TPT store!

   Well, I need to get back to working on the little munchkins reading nook that I am creating in her bedroom. There are so many great ideas out there (again, thanks to Pinterest) for little reading nooks, I needed to make one for her! Today I found a very cute silver ottoman/storage thingee at a garage sale for $5 that is perfect for her reading nook!
   I will post pics tomorrow after it is all done It is gonna look super cute!

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