Friday, June 21, 2013

A Garden of Flowers & Letters... and it's FREEBIE Friday!

    And… we have flowers! Teeny, tiny flowers…but FLOWERS! 
The munchkin was SO excited!!
   For our Gardening Theme, the little munchkin created this cute picture by searching for all the right letters to make a Garden of Letters!
   The munchkin also practiced some writing with her Letter Rr and Ss writing mini-books, similar to the ones she did for Letters Gg and Ff. 
Click on each Picture to pick up your own FREE copies of these 
mini writing books, which are also being featured at Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday!!

   I also came across a post by This Reading Mama and decided to try something like it with my little one. It is called Reading The Alphabet. Our activity focused on Tracking Print, Letter Identification and Letter/Sound Connection.

This Garden theme sure was fun! 
Now to move on to some SWEET stuff… 
Stay tuned!

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