Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rr is for Rain, Rocks and Rainbow Letters!

    Well, the school year isn't quite over YET... 3 more days!But I am already in summer mode...and I have been for quite some time now... what can I say? It really has been a LONG year!!
   I am planning away for summer fun with my little one... and now I am thinking that I need to find ways to keep my teen involved and active this summer too, so I am thinking up some fun projects for him to do.
  Anyway, we have had a lot of rain lately and our eyes are glued on the munchkin’s little garden.
   Here are her hands hard at work about 2-3 weeks ago. We are still patiently waiting for something to come up...
   While waiting, the little one has been learning about the letter Rr. We have talked about RAIN and where it comes from and how it helps flowers to grow.
   I found this very cute April Showers unit at Our Little Monkeys.   It’s not April, but who cares, right? 
   She worked on math skills by counting and coloring, rather than using clips. Even my kitty, Brooklyn wanted to practice counting!
   And she worked on patterns too.
   There are so many other fun and cute printables  in this pack. Go check them out and pick up a FREE copy from her website.
   We reviewed the letters that we have been learning in our Garden theme (Ff, Gg, Rr) and created the letters from colorful rocks! She called them “Rock Rainbow Letters”
   One day last week, she was in an very artsy mood and wanted to paint and color. I pulled out my letter stencils (from Lakeshore) that I used in the classroom early in the year, and she made “Rainbow Letters”
   This week we will review all the letters again before we move onto our next theme: Sweets. I have quite a bit of yummy fun planned for this theme!
   AND I am also prepping for the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp that begins on June 24th... I am so excited to join in on this fun!
   But for now, I must TRY and focus my attention on the final days of this school year. Lots to do to prep for our MOving Up Ceremony this year, and then I can put Teaching Year #9 behind me forever!!!

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  1. Looks like the cat is enjoying the worksheets, too.