Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yummy "Ice Cream" Sensory Fun!

   This weekend, I was browsing Goggle+ posts and Pinterest, as usual and I came across an awesome Sensory activity posted by Crystal Underwood at Growing a Jeweled Rose that I knew my little munchkin would enjoy! Check out her blog, as she has several awesome sensory activities for little ones to enjoy!
   As for the munchkin and I...we created our own 
"Ice Cream" Scented Sensory Dough!
Three SIMPLE ingredients for loads (and hours) of sensory play!!

1: Baking Soda
2: Water
3: Kool Aid Packets
   Add baking soda to your bowl (in whatever amount you wish to make).  Then, slowly add water.  If you add too much water at once, the baking soda will begin to turn into a liquid, so make sure to add the water SLOWLY.  
   We then added the Kool Aid packet and then begin mixing it altogether.
   She observed a fizzing reaction when she started mixing it!!
 Check out the little munchkin’s face when she finally got to touch it! 
   Then I threw in a few snow cone cups and an ice cream scooper! She was busy for a good 20 minutes. I thought it would keep her interested for a bit longer but she “noticed” a tiny cut on her thumb and that was the end of it all… well until later that night when she asked for it again.
   We did some work on Sight Words this weekend too.
   She colored the word "I" and then used dot stickers to decorate the sight word “see”.
   Then she did an Ice Cream Sight Word spelling activity and “scooped” letters to spell the sight words that we have been learning.

She made ice cream cones and ice cream bowls!
So much yummy sensory fun!

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