Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letter Ii is for Ice Cream!

   As we continue on with our yummy snack unit, the little munchkin learned about the letter Ii. She practiced writing it on her dry erase board (like 6 dozen times) and then practiced writing some Ii words, after we read 2 different books about the Letter Ii..

   Annie over at The Moffat Girls makes some super awesome packets! And I just had to purchase this super cute and fun Ice Cream Beginning Sound Scoops packet!
   Since I am slowly introducing letters and sounds to my little one, to use the sheets as she created them would have been a bit overwhelming for her. So I cut out the letters/sounds that we have already learned. 
And then she worked on it and put it all on one piece of 12x12 paper.
 I am sure she probably could have done a lot more, but I didn’t want to push it.
   Also, as I promised this past weekend… I finally put the finishing touches on her little reading nook in her bedroom!  And here are the pics!

   We LOVE Hello Kitty, so of course, the reading nook was the perfect place to display our obsession!!
   As we head into mid-week, I have lots piling on my plate! My aunt, uncle and cousin from Texas AND my mom are all coming to visit for the 4th of July!! They should be here by the 1st. I am so excited! I miss my mom so much and I know that my siblings back at home are always too busy (working)for her, so I am glad she will be here with us for a few days!  It is going to be lots of fun! 
    We should be guest free by the 10th of July, at which at that point we have to start getting ready for our trip to Disney World!!!!   YAY!! We are all very excited, as we haven’t really had a big vacation since we moved from Chicago to Buffalo!  J

   Lots of fun summer excitement is coming up!

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