Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fantastic Flower Fun... and a writing FREEBIE!!

    Alright, so I have somehow managed to maintain my sanity the past 2 weeks, but I dont know how much longer that is going to last! My child who was on short term exclusion is returning this week AND I have to work on finishing up my End of the Year Academic Assessments (and 2 other final assessments), as well as start planning our Moving Up Ceremony
    I will try to manage as best as I know how b/c it is all almost over! And Summer Vacation is on the horizon! YAY!!
    Last year, my little one and I did several (and I mean SEVERAL) flower activities. This year for our Garden Theme, we have been doing flower activities but have also been putting more focus on letter activities.

   She has been learning the letters Ff and Gg and since she shocked me and almost brought me to tears the other day with this writing (which she did all on her own just by looking at my writing):
    I decided to follow her lead with starting some writing with her. I created two writing mini-books for her, with letter Ff words and letter Gg words. (I have also just made mini-books for the other 2 letters that we have been learning about this month.)
    Click on the pictures below to download a FREE copy of the Letter Ff and Letter Gg Mini-Books!

    And this little sponge of mine has also shown signs of learning that she is learning the concepts of print. I caught her tracking print the other night when I was reading her a bedtime story. Once she fell asleep, I pulled out a pocket chart, some sentence strips, colored some flowers and put together a little Flower Colors sentence activity. And I made a little pocket to put the flowers inside.
    She LOVED it! The best part was when she played it for the 3rd time and said, Mommy, I love this game!
   I have also been wanting to try Easel Starters, which is an art idea that  have seen on one of my very favorite blogs, Teach Preschool.
   We read the book: This Is the Sunflower and then talked about flowers and the parts of flowers.
   I pulled out the easel that we found for $7 at a garage sale down the street! Since she already has one, we decided to make this one the Outdoor Easel.
    I put a circle shape on the paper (I meant to glue some sunflower seeds inside of it, but I forgot!) and then allowed her to create her own (flower) painting.

How many of you have started your End of the Year Countdown?? 
I have 13 days to go!
How many more days do you have left???


  1. Love the freebies, and your flower art! Laura


    1. thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! I am almost up to 100!! =) I will be sure to return the favor....