Monday, May 13, 2013

Steppin' on The Letter Bus!

   So I have been working hard to make my learning activities a little more organized for my  little one. Things have been busy and hectic and I have been very disorganized in getting things together for her. And I find myself scrambling for things when she says, "Mommy, I want to do work."
   We have done Alphabet work before, but I have been searching for a more organized way to do things, so that I could plan ahead and have things ready and available for her.
    So I put together a LETTER BUS!
   Every few weeks, I am going to focus on certain letters and make, create or find fun activity ideas that revolve around these letters. 
   Since we have been working outside trying to clean up the garden bed lately, I figured we might have some fun learning about the letter Gg. 
    In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on letters Gg, Ff, Ss, Rr.
    I have pulled it together (a little) and created baskets of learning activities for her. For now she has a Math Basket, a Writing Basket and an ABC Basket. (I am still collecting fun art materials for an Art Basket.) I have gathered activity ideas and materials to put in each basket.
Math Basket:
Dry Erase Books, Counters, Counting Mats  (Actually, I am still collecting things for this basket)
Writing and ABC Baskets:
Writing Basket: Name sheets, Letter Writing sheets, Notebooks, Different Writing Tools (pens, pencils, markersm crayons), sentence strips
ABC Basket: ABC Chart, Dry Erase books, ABC stickers, Alphabet Flashcards, Letter/Sound sheets, Writing Tools, Alphabet Games
   Here are some of the printables (both available at Teachers Pay Teachers) that I am using right now in her baskets:

Alphabet Activities:  Letter Identification
    And here are some store bought things that I am also using in the baskets:
Beginning Sounds Phonics Train by Lakeshore

Wooden Alphabet Puzzles by Melissa & Doug
 Beginning Sound Puzzles by Scholastic
   I figure that by having things in baskets, she can pick and choose what she wants to work on at any given time. Of course, there will also be fun activities that we will do together, but the baskets will allow her to do some activities on her own, if mommy is busy cooking or whatnot.
   I am hoping that this will help keep activities organized a little. There is SO many fun ideas out there, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed... Hopefully this will help keep me a little focused so that I can plan ahead... just a little. Because I know there is always going to be a fun idea that comes from out of nowhere that we just HAVE to do....

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