Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learning a lil’ about St. Patrick’s Day with my Preschool Munchkins

Just a note, I moved from the Chicago area to the Buffalo area last summer and my first job I landed was in a daycare center working with 3 year olds. It turned out to not be “my cup of tea”, so to speak. I desired to be in a classroom type setting where I would be actually teaching and working with children on a different type of level, as I was used to, having worked as a preschool teacher in a school district for 7 years in Chicago.
Anyhow, I began working in my current preschool classroom in the middle of February, so my classroom posts begin with March!
In my preschool classroom, we are not allowed to explicitly celebrate holidays (weird rule, but somehow I manage to squeeze it in my lesson plans and give students some general exposure to holidays without over doing it)

Here are a few things that my preschool students did as we briefly learned about St. Patrick’s Day. We briefly discussed the actual holiday and the history behind the holiday and then I took it a different route and focused primarily on symbols of the holiday, such as the Rainbow, Shamrock and Pot of Gold.

We have been working on patterns a lot and are slowly moving from AB patterns to more complicated patterns, such as AAB and ABB patterns. And I have a few students who can create an ABC pattern as well! All in all, they all did a very great job and I displayed their work proudly!

We also read the book, “Just a Little Luck”, by Mercer Mayer and then had a very elaborate discussion on what Luck is and ways in which we feel lucky!

I was thinking on my feet that day and rather than create a chart of our thoughts on Luck, we created a mini class book where each coloring page (compliments of's Lucky as a Leprechaun packet) and each half page was labeled “I am Lucky because”  I asked each child “Why do you feel lucky?” and proceeded to write down each child’s dictation in their sheet. I was very impressed by some of the thoughtful answers!

And I am VERY lucky to be working with some awesome four year old munchkins!!

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