Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

      In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I learned how to color rice for my munchkin’s sensory tub- another fun idea from some fellow bloggers! So about a week and a half before the holiday, I made green and yellow rice and added some fun little toys I found at Party City for her to play with in her sensory tub.

As you can see… she loves it! She asks to play with it like every other day....  I think it will just be her sensory tub fun for the entire month of March! 

On Friday, she helped me to sort buttons by color, for her St. Patrick’s Day art activity.

After she found all the green buttons, she carefully glued the buttons onto a wooden shamrock shape that I bought at an arts & crafts store on one of my many visits last month!

She started this on Friday evening and she was going strong BUT then she lost interest. So we put it aside and took a break.

She continued working on it Saturday morning after breakfast!

Working hard the next morning…

I had some leftover green glitter paint in my classroom from my preschooler munchkins’ St. Patrick’s Day artwork, so I brought it home for my own little munchkin to use to paint her Button Shamrock. 

Finally! A finished product!  That only took 2 days to make! =) 
That’s my little munchkin…doing things on her own schedule!

Ha! And here’s the best part of our St. Patrick’s Day fun that turned out to be an EPIC Fail ---- Green Shamrock Jello Jigglers!!
They DID NoT turn out very jiggly… =(

I think I needed either a smaller dish or more jello because it was just not happening for us!

We only managed to get ONE good looking Green Shamrock Jello Jiggler!

Better LUCK next year, I guess!

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend!!!

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