Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finally up and running...Here is how I got started with my own munchkin!

          Well, there has been some minor delays in getting this blog up and running (the main obstacle being that my old laptop just wasn’t keeping up with me anymore!) But everything is all coming together and well, here I go!

Now that my little munchkin is 3 years old, I am very excited to do more fun learning activities with her at home! And with my recent addiction to Pinterest, I have come across many ideas that I can use in the classroom and many of the ideas are linked back to clever moms with awesome ideas, who have chosen to homeschool their children.     

        Those many homeschooling pins on Pinterest and being exposed to all those blogs have been the reason for all of this!  =)

        So I decided to start a little bit of homeschooling with my own little munchkin!  For about 3 weeks now, we have been doing a few activities on the weekend, thanks to some fun printables, (compliments of two of my many favorite homeschooling blogs: Confessions of a Homeschooler and 1+1+1=1), focusing on the first 2 letters in her name

          I was ectastic, but not surprised, that she really enjoyed doing these types of things at home with me, so I decided to move forward with helping her develop skills using homeschool ideas as well as ideas that I use in my own classroom!
         And so that is how this idea to blog began..... the homeschooling blogs have been a great source of my inspiration!! THANK YOU!

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