Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!
   So, I am back. I have been on hiatus for about 2 months. As you may know, I have taken on the role of SAHM this school year. And wow- talk about just as much work!! So many little errands to run, carpooling issues, school events, etc... Then I took on a part time seasonal job for some extra holiday cash! All of those things combined really ate up my time.
   But now the holidays are over and I am getting back into a more relaxed mode. There will be more time to do fun learning activities with my daughter, as well as more ME time! YAY!
   So, school started back up... or well, it was supposed to! Thanks to this Polar Vortex that a good chunk of the country is swallowed in... the kids have been in school 2 times in the past 4 school days! There is some relief soon, which is good because my 4 year old thrives on routine and wow- this weather and being at home one day, at school the next, then the weekend.... she is really starting to lose it!
   So anyway... now I am rambling...
   Point is- I am back!! With a new year comes new goals and one of my goals is to stay on top of all my projects and devote time to each one--- while I have the time to do so!
   So I intend to show my face around the blogging world a little more often again!
    Stay Tuned!!

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