Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Math is "snow" much fun!

    Well, winter is in full effect here in Western New York.. snow everywhere... everyday, it seems. Throw in some cold Arctic air from our northern neighbors in Canada and you have a miserable, cold and depressing winter!
   But we will get through it. Hey, we are 3/4 of the way through with January... that takes us 3 months closer to Spring. Well, here at least because it has snowed in April before, so... Winter can be very long out here!
   Anyhow, the little munchkin and I have been keeping busy indoors with some fun math activities. She is over the moon about learning sight words and reading simple sentences, I needed to make sure she was still eager to learn about math concepts. 
   I created some Winter Addition Mats for her to use to practice addition. 
   Click HERE to get your own copy for only $1 until the end of January!!!
    And we have tried out our Quiet Boxes and so far she has only gone through three of the boxes, which is good because I am not ready to switch things out quite yet.
    I put this Mitten Math activity (FREE at Make, Take, Teach) into one of the boxes to reinforce numbers and sets.
   She seems to enjoy the activities that I have placed in her boxes. She is used to my interaction with her when we play games and such,  I have had to remind her that she has to work independently with the activities in the Quiet Box. It's an important skill she needs to learn for kindergarten!
   Well, now back to finding-- or probably creating more games and activities for her. 
   She was so excited when she came home from school today with her second set of sight words! She whizzed right through all the sight word activities that I created for her with her first set of words (which reminds me--I need to share with you later this week), and she is ready for some more. 
   Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the wonderful bloggers around... there are amazing ideas everywhere! 

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