Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yay!! It has been a very EXCITING week!

  I have some very exciting news to share!! 
  I have been having "Proud Mommy" moments all week!
  Ready?! -- I have an emerging reader on my hands!
  Last week, my daughter's preschool teacher sent home the first set of Sight Words that the kids would be beginning to learn this month.
   I have been slowly exposing the munchkin to sight words since this summer, but shied away from any kind of explicit and ongoing instruction. I chose not to teach her sight words, in addition to the ones I knew she would learn in her Kindergarten Readiness program, simply because I didn't want to overwhelm her.
   Once I saw how quickly she was recognizing some of her words, I knew she was ready for more.
   So I made a few materials for her to use at home to work on her sight words.
Sight Word Search:

Sight Word Match:
   Every day this week, we have worked on sight words (at what she now itcalls "Mommy School"), as I wasn't sure exactly how much instruction she was getting in school because the teacher said she was going to expose the children to the first set and take it from there. 
   We used flash cards to identify the sight words, and worked on spelling her sight words as well.    
Sight Word Spelling: 
Sight Word Spelling & Writing:
   Then on Monday night, we worked on the little Sight Word mini-reader that her teacher also sent home... And with some help, she read it!!
   I was near tears!! I immediately called my sister via Skype so she could see my daughter reading!!
   She will be five years old in March and I know she is a sponge and is quick in her learning, but I didn't think she would be reading for another few weeks! Granted, it's just simple sight word sentences...but she's reading!!! 
   Now she can read the mini-reader without any assistance!
   And she is SO very proud of herself! 
   I have so many fun and interactive ideas in mind for her, to keep her progressing further. I also plan to upload some materials into my TPT store. I have a few tweaks for the materials that I just created in the past 2 weeks, so they will be available soon!

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