Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Magnets & Velcro... My new BFFs!

   I bet you are wondering what happened to all the learning fun that I was doing with my little munchkin, huh? Well, obviously now that school has started and she is back in daycare/preschool during the week, our Learning Fun time is back to weekend learning fun! =)
   She is learning so much in her little daycare/preschool! 
    I use the two words interchangeably because I can see that it isn’t “just daycare”… she is learning a lot and having lots of fun!  Two thumbs up!!  =)
   Even though I am all over the place with the start of the new school year, I have TONS of learning fun in mind for my little one!
   We had done a few more shape activities before all the Back To School madness started.
To give her some On-The-Go Learning, I made this little Shape Match game/ busy book with shapes and Velcro dots!
    We also used craft buttons to sort by shape, BUT before we even did an activity, I changed gears and I used a glue gun to make them into magnetic buttons for play , by gluing on magnet dots that I found at Walmart awhile back. (These are just like the ones I made for my classroom science center.) 
    She then used the magnetic buttons to count and sort buttons by their shape!
    Last weekend, as I browsed through my teacher bins in the garage, I started to brainstorm new, fun activities for my little munchkin, and I couldn’t wait to get started this past weekend!
   In her preschool, she is learning about the first letter in her name and that just happens to be exactly the kinds of activities that I have in mind for her at this point in time!
   I took the same idea from the Shape Match game/book and made her a "Letters in my Name" Velcro activity.
   I took the name activity that I had done last week with my preschool munchkins and had her do the same kind of activity. And she surprised me at how fast she finished it! =)
    I had also found these foam letter squares at Dollar Tree. 
I slapped some magnetic strips on the back and made a quick magnet game for her that she used on a cookie sheet after pasting the letters of her name in order! 
    Can you sense my obsession with magnets & velcro yet??
**Do you have any fun magnet and/or velcro activities 
that you want to share??**

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