Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Clifford !

Happy Birthday Clifford!
    So how many of you have heard that today is Cliffords Birthday?
     I was excited about it all last week....This weekend my little munchkin and I had a little fun in honor of the Big Red Dog.
    We made a cute little Clifford craft, with a red solo cup, some red craft foam and googly eyes.It didnt turn out as cute as I had imagined... but it was cute nonetheless!
.      Then we painted some bones just for him, using a bone shaped play doh cutter as a stamper.

      We read a few of her Clifford books and I tried to have her point out all the times we saw the name Clifford in the books
      I had a few other ideas in mind for celebrating Cliffords Big Day... but with her and I both being sick this weekend, this was all we were able to get done!  

Happy Birthday Clifford! 

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