Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's ALL About Me!

Can you believe September is almost over?? 
Time flies when you are having fun, right?

The first few weeks have definitely been fun, BUT they have also been hectic and some days just have not been going according to my lesson plans--… surprised?
    So our All About Me unit ended up being a lot longer than planned, which is okay! =)
    After working with name puzzles and getting familiar with what our names look like, I had each munchkin do a different type of name puzzle. This time, I gave them a sheet of paper with their name on it, then gave them the letters of their name cut up into squares. Their job was to match the letters. 
    For the most part, they all did a great job with the matching! Some show a need for extra practice in letter identification; which is normal at this point in the school year!  I am just glad that they can all recognize their name b/c it makes Morning Sign In a lot easier!
    I brought a whole stack of sales papers in and one day, we made an All About Me collage. The munchkins selected a few things that they liked (ranging from toys to food). Either I cut the pictures that they chose, or they cut the pictures out and pasted them onto a sheet on construction paper. 
That particular day, I was just glad that everyone actually came to the table to make one!  That is a BIG accomplishment in my room these days! =)

    And the best part of my All About Me unit is always when I ask the children to draw a self-portrait. I put out some small mirrors and demonstrated how they can draw a picture of themselves.
      I absolutely LOVE the way they draw themselves!  Aren’t they awesome??
And check out this one! WOW... 
Yes, THAT was drawn by a 4 year old!!
    I just HAD to share these with the whole world so I posted them outside of our classroom:

   Last week, I sent home my first Family Project. Instead of doing a Family Tree, which EVERYONE does, I decided to put a different twist to it and asked my children and their families to create their “HOME”. The directions were to decorate the House template we provided with family photos and/or any kind of collage materials that they wished to use! Creativity was greatly encouraged!
    I really love to see the end results of family projects like these! I can’t wait until the Family Homes start coming in later this week!

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