Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shape Fun: Circle & Ovals !

       In a quick effort to review shapes with my little munchkin, I found a plethora of fun ideas all over Pinterest and the Blogging world! =)  But because of time constraints, I can't do it all!  =(
     So, I made her a little word wall with shapes/shape names cards from a Shape Pack by 3Dinosaurs
Get your own by clicking on the picture below.
     She is currently obsessed with the letter Oo… which she happens to call an Oval. 
     So that is where we started:
Circles and Ovals
     I found these adorable printables at Me & Marie Learning.
     She has LOTS  of cute printables, and the Shape Packs are FREEBIES!  Yay! Click on the picture above to grab your own! 

     I had my little one sort the pictures and glue them onto the correct Shape Poster.
     And I LOVED the mini readers included in the Shape Pack! 
We did the I Like Circles and I Like Ovals mini books together.
     I found this little workbook in the Dollar section at Target. 
      I had originally intended to laminate it and make it into a Dry Erase page, but it never had a chance b/c she was so eager to trace her shapes, especially her beloved Oval!   
  We even pulled out an old favorite: 
Big Button Number Fun game by Melissa & Doug.
      And we needed a fun art activity, so I grabbed some toothpicks and some mini marshmallows and she did some Circle/Oval (Marshmallow) stamp painting!
      As I juggle teaching her preschool concepts and  making things for my classroom, I have been quite busy!
     Tomorrow I will post all about the cutesy things (I finally decided on a Classroom Theme) I am making for my classroom…A few more days and then I will be able to get back into the classroom to start setting up and decorating!  Yay!!

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