Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun uses for flashcards !

     So last week, as I was shopping for some school supplies with my little munchkin, she came up to me with a Toy Story photo album that she wanted. It was only $2, so I said “why not?” 
      I have been thinking of fun and creative ways to make little flip books for her- or something of that sort.
     When she handed me the photo album, a little light bulb went out in my head. =)
     Here is what I created when I got home, after making some flashcards on my computer with fun clip art.
         I made her an ABC Photo Album!  =) 

For the first few days she carried it with her everywhere! She and I both like the portability of it and she likes to flip through all the pages.
     While I am not a big fan of using flashcards to directly teach and have children memorize things, I do have them out for my little munchkin and my preschool children to explore as they wish.
     I am not sure about you, but most of the time, this is how the flashcards usually end up, both at home and in the classroom.
                       It is a bit annoying actually!
     But since I made the ABC photo album, she has been showing an increased interest in letters, which makes this Teacher Momma proud! =)
     It is cute, easy to make and portable.
     She loves it… and so I will definitely be making one or two for my classroom.
     I proceeded to find other ways to use the (store bought) flashcards that I have in my house.
     1)  Hole punch a set and insert a small ring binder to make them portable.

     2)  Cut them in halves to make puzzles.
     I figure that if she gets a kick out of the new ways to explore flashcards, then my preschoolers are sure be the same way.
     I am currently thinking of other new ways to use flashcards (homemade or store bought) in my classroom this year.
     How do you utilize flashcards in a fun, hands-on way in your classroom??

     Please share any ideas that you have! =)

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