Thursday, August 2, 2012

Live, Love, Laugh... and Teach!

    Well, this has been a tough week for my family. Today, we lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer. My cousin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a few months ago and was ready to fight hard. But her battle with cancer was short lived and God called her home this morning. 
    She was a very vibrant woman, so full of life and always laughing and smiling… and making others laugh and smile. She was truly a ray of sunshine in the lives of all of us. Today though, the Lord needed her more than we did and she went home. She is now pain free, living as an Angel in Heaven along with my beloved father and other family members who have gone before us.
    It is times like these when I am reminded to cherish life and remember that God has a plan for all of us and tomorrow is promised to no one.
We should all remember to:
Live, Love and Laugh as often as possible.
On a lighter note, I live what I love everyday: Teaching!

    Learning about Ocean Animals has my little munchkin excited! I was so proud when I heard her telling my husband all about the octopus book we read and the dolphin toys she played with!  =)
    See? Learning is fun! And I am soooo glad that she is so excited about Ocean Animals!
    We started our week by reading books about Ocean Animals and she eagerly looked at the pictures in the books and wanted to know all about the animals.  
       Then we created a little chart/word wall of her favorite ocean animals.  (I had about 12 different animals cards but I was only able to fit a few in my little pocket chart!) No worries though b/c she chose her favorites and put them in the pocket chart herself!
    When I put out ocean animal toys, she found each animal and excitedly matched it to the word wall.
    We did some more scissor work as well this week and used the same kind of ctivity that we have done before in another theme. And she is working well with the kid scissors…no more toddler scissors for her!
    She loves the paper puzzles that I use from different theme packs made my other blogger mommies. 
The puzzles shown here (as well as the Word Wall cards) came from this Ocean Theme Pack from

    We worked on some Math skills as a well as I photocopied my fellow octopus pal again (this time with his tentacles) and labeled each leg/tentacle with a number and had her match the numbers on the legs/tentacles to the numbers on the octopus. body.

    She is so very proud of her work!! 

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