Friday, August 17, 2012

Lots of News: Fun Classroom Decor, a TpT Store...And a Freebie!

Yay! Big accomplishments for me today!

1st: I decided on a theme for my classroom!  BEARS!

2nd: I unleashed my inner craftiness (thanks to great bloggers and crafters' ideas') and made some of my own classroom decor with my cute little bear theme!
3rd: I opened up my own TpT store...Finally! =)

So anyhow, I have been quite productive the past week or so!!

   I am a preschool teacher and I am all about "cute" and "welcoming" when it comes to how I decorate my classroom. This year, unfortunately, I do not have the good luck of being near any Teacher stores nor does my budget allow for too much spending to buy all the cute things I want for my classroom. So by stalking other bloggers and searching Pinterest, I found ways to make my own classroom decor with cute clip art and scrapbooking supplies, of which I have plenty!

 My Welcome Sign:

My "Where Are We?" Board:
    And thanks to the fun craft idea by Miss KindergartenI created a new "Where Are We?" Board.
 I was going to use the same one I made last school year, but when I saw how cute and easy this was, I had to make one!
      All it took was a dry erase board I found at Target or Walmart for $1, some Mod Podge (which I have been eagerly waiting to use), some scrapbook paper, letter stickers (although I changed my mind about the color of the letters afterwards) and a bit of ribbon! That's it!!
After I assembled it all, I made the location cards with some cute Bear clip art from Scrappin Doodles.
Here is my new "Where Are We?" Board! I am so excited about it!!

My Job Chart: (which I am even more excited about!)
Each child will have their own bear (created with my awesome Cricut machine) with their name on it attached to a clothespin.

My new Center Signs to coordinate with my Bear theme:

And because it is Freebie Friday, I have linked up again with TBA.
     AND because I am having a little celebration in honor of the grand opening of my TpT store...
I have posted these Center Signs as a freebie just for you! 

Click on the picture of the Center Signs above or HERE for your FREEBIE!

     I still have quite a few things to create and I am very excited to be able to get into my classroom next week! (FINALLY)   =)


  1. Hey there a couple of weeks ago you entered a Giveaway on my blog at and you won!! If you email me at I will email you your freebies!! I tried looking for an email to email it to on your blog but have not found one. Hope to hear from you soon and CONGRATS!!

  2. Hi! I am so excited I won a giveaway! =) I just emailed you! Thanks!! =)