Thursday, June 19, 2014

Math IS fun..."No bones about it!"

    Our fun Pet unit is completely underway and the munchkin is having lots of fun learning and playing! I love it when, after breakfast, she asks, "Are we gonna do work today?"  She is such an eager little sponge who loves to learn and play, I tell you.
    To prep for this Pet unit, I grabbed a few pet related items at the Dollar Tree, such as dog treats, dog bowls, dog & cat toy and collars, etc. You know, things that the average pet owner has in their possession. And then I gathered a few of her thousands of stuffed animals to use in play activities.
    One of the activities that I had in her Math bin, focused on addition. She had two bowls, some dog treats and two of her stuffed animal dogs She rolled a foam die, counted the dots and gave each dog that amount of treats. When both dogs had their treats, she added them up and chose the correct number card.
    Another counting activity we did this week with the dog treats & bowls focused on counting and determining the larger amount.
She rolled the foam die to see how much to give each dog. She repeated it about 3 times.
Then she took out the bones in each bowl and counted how many each dog had received.
    After counting each bowl of bones, I wrote down the number of bones each dog had and she determined which doggie was the winner and had the most bones!
And for some more doggie & bone math fun, we played Shelby's Snack Shack Game by Educational Insights!
We LOVE this game!
    It is a great game for fine motor practice (as you have to grasp and pinch the Shelby clip to pick up the bones); as well as for counting and number identification practice.
    All these games are ones that she has repeatedly asked to play all this week, and has asked big brother and daddy to join in on the fun too!
    And just a heads up to all my avid readers and followers, I am prepping up for my First Day of Summer Giveaway, so stay tuned and be sure to check back tomorrow for details!

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