Monday, June 16, 2014

Mad Science Monday: Which Will Freeze?

    Mad Science Monday is back! We haven't been doing too many science activities in the past few weeks, but I thought we should give experiments another round! I came across a simple kitchen science experiment from No Time for Flashcards.
    We were curious to find out if all liquids would freeze. So, we grabbed a few liquids from around the kitchen and poured a little of each liquid into squares of an ice cube tray.
    Here are the things we used:
(Distilled Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Canola Oil, Syrup, A1 Sauce, Ranch Dressing, Dish Soap, and we added Ketchup and Water at the last minute)
    The little munchkin predicted that everything will freeze, while my teen thought that the oil would take awhile to freeze, but it eventually would.
    Here is what we discovered:
   After one hour, we took it out of the freezer and found that the dish soap, vinegar and A1 Sauce were already starting to form crystals and freeze. The syrup, ketchup and ranch dressing were just a little mushy. The soy sauce, canola oil and syrup were not frozen nor showed signs of crystallization. 
    After 2 hours, we checked it again, and found that the only things that had not frozen were the soy sauce and syrup.
    And a day later, the soy sauce remained unfrozen, along with the syrup!
It was a fun simple science experiment to do with things you have in your kitchen! We were all surprised by the results!
Try it with your munchkins!! 
    All you need is an ice cube tray and different liquids to fill the tray. Ask questions about what they know about the liquids and make predictions as to what till freeze and what will not freeze! Or to go even further, have them guess which one will be the first and last to freeze! 

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