Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The sad truth...

   So when one is a teacher, one goes into the classroom knowing that behind each child, there is a story. Some stories are great and some...not so much. And then there are some that are downright heart breaking.
    This week, upon returning to the classroom after spring break, I learned of the harsh reality of a child in our center. Now as an inner city teacher, I know that some of the children that we work with on a daily basis have rough home lives. I know that for a fact and I take all those facets of a child's life into account in every aspect of my teaching career. It doesn't scare me and it doesn't deter me from wanting to teach in the inner city. In fact, I prefer to teach in the inner city, where many of these children have to (unfortunately) live a life that I can somewhat relate to in one small form or another.
  And so I always like to think that I understand where they could be coming from and I can understand that they need extra support.  BUT everything is always put into a new light when something happens to a child that you know... it hits too close to home. Too close for comfort. And  it can be heart breaking for any teacher.
   Now even though this child isn't a student of mine, I know who the child is and I have seen the child and talked to the child on a daily basis; even if it was just a simple smile and a "hello". It is a child I came in contact with every single day. And to learn of the horrible reality that the child has had to endure in the past few weeks has really changed how and what I thought I knew and understood about the lives of inner city children and families. It really has made me think twice and ask "Why?"; because at this point, I just do not understand...
   And so as much as I want to share pictures and fun activity ideas with all of you, today I just can't. Today my thoughts and prayers are with the child that has undeservingly been put in a very bad situation. I hope to see the child back in school soon and I hope that the child and the family can get past it all so that the child can continue to be a child and enjoy childhood.

   ** I apologize for such a gloomy blog post tonight, but I had to get it off my chest. My heart hurts for the child. The story behind this sweet child is a very sad one. I know there are children with sad stories and rough home lives, and this one is just so uncalled for, so undeserving and the details are horrible. Too horrible for such a small child to have to endure and I hope the situation is taken care in a just manner.


  1. I too teach children who live with situations I , myself, have NEVER endured. As a teacher with a big heart, remember...you cannot raise them. Smile, hug, teach them respect for themselves and others, and know that each and EVERY day...you may be the best thing in that child's life. After all, they are ALL our children. You are the ONE person who may make ALL the difference! Chin up :) wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com

  2. Thanks so much for this comment... I needed to hear this. Thank you! You are right, I can only do so much and my time with my kiddos is so short, I have to make every minute count b/c school very well may be the best part of their day.