Sunday, April 21, 2013

Do You Have A Green Thumb?? Plus an Earth Day Freebie!!

   Before I start talking about how I began some Earth Day fun with my little one, here is a little FREEBIE (Earth Day Numbers Book) in celebration of Earth Day!

Click the picture below to get yours now!

   This weekend, I spent some time in my backyard. The house that we are renting has a garden bed that wraps around maybe half of the house, and it needs  A LOT of work!!  But because I have no clue on how to garden or how to even begin a garden, I can’t do a thing about it!
   So all morning, I got to thinking that MAYBE I can attempt to try it out and see if I might have a Green Thumb! Ever since we moved out of Chicago and inner city life and into suburbia here in Western New York, I have taken an interest in lots of new things- such as scrapbooking, crafting, blogging and now maybe I can take a stab at gardening!  It can’t hurt, right?
   I have nowhere to start, so I decided since Earth Day is tomorrow, I can start really small and simple!  Since we are beginning to see flowers sprout up, I thought my daughter might enjoy planting a flower in a small flower pot. So this weekend, I took a trip to my favorite place Michaels- and picked up a few things for my munchkin and I.
   Her favorite colors are purple and pink, so she HAD to have those colors. And when we found pink and purple acrylic paint with glitter, she was over the moon! She wanted to get started right away!
   But we had to stop at Lowes to pick up some flowers to plant in our pots, because again, we are starting small and simple! (We are also going to plant some seeds in a bigger flower pot next weekend)
   And here is my eager artist and learner, excited to start painting!
     Here is her finished pot (I actually needed to add like 2 more coats of paint after she was done) and her chosen flower: Geranium.
    Planting (or repotting?) was a lot of fun for her, especially when she had to use her new princess gardening gloves!!
        She meant serious business when she was patting down the dirt/plant inside the pot and daddy made sure he helped to give it some water.
She was so proud of her work! 

Now let’s just hope that some more geraniums blossom! 

   And here is my chosen flower, African Daisy, repotted in a pink planter.

   I also painted my own flower pot, but the African Daisy plant was much too big for it. 
   So I will have to find another plant or use this flower pot to plant some seeds!
  So that is how I chose to begin some Earth Day fun with my little munchkin!
   The funny thing is that she thinks that the flower is going to grow really big like a Lorax tree!!
   Maybe one day I can plant a tree.maybe one day!!
   Do you have a green thumb??
   Can you share some tips and helpful advice on gardening for this clueless city girl???

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  1. Congratulations! You and your daughter are well on your way to becoming gardeners. I feel the EXACT same way that you do -- never been one with a green thumb {potted plants would see me coming and immediately know they had no chance with}. My son has changed that for me {interesting how kids will do that to you} and he and I tackled our first garden together as well. We were a little more ambitious than potted plants but the pride that comes from accomplishing something that you aren't sure you can do is so uplifting. Keep adding to those plants...hey, even get a little crazy and get a large pot and do some veggies! You'll be so happy with what the two of you create! Check out our little garden project here: