Thursday, April 18, 2013

"I Spy" lots of fun ways to learn Letters!

   Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged all week! I have just been lazy, I guess!!
   Actually I have been in "Bookworm" status and have had my nose in my nook! I set a goal to read 52 books this year and so far, I am on book # 14... that is averaging about a book a week! I'm doing good!! =)  I knew it wouldn't be so hard... I LOVE to read!! It is just about finding the time to read and finding good books to read!

   Anyhow, I have been working on letter identification with my own little munchkin as well as my munchkins in my classroom. I am amazed at how quickly my little one is picking up on things!
 So check out some fun ways that I have been teaching letters!

   She loves the "I Spy" books and I have been debating to get the game as well. BUT in the meantime, I made my own "I Spy" game for her, to reinforce letters! I think the best part for her was using the fun flower magnifying glass!
   Every few days, I ask  her to look for certain letters or I will have her just name a few that she may know. I will probably be changing out the sheets this weekend to give her new letters (and maybe numbers) to find.

   In the classroom, we have played a game that I have named "Letter Soup Scoop". This was one of the games that came out of improvisation!! When it first came to my mind, I realized I had a similar game-- at home!! So I had to improvise with that I had in the classroom that day. I wanted to use letter magnets or letter tiles, but I didn't have enough magnets and well, I didn't like the way letter tiles sat inside the bowl. So I used foam letters instead. The kids had a fun time scooping out letters onto their plates and then identified which ones they knew.
   To make it a little more challenging, I also asked what sound the letter made and asked them to name one object that began with that letter.

   We also used connecting cars to form letters. This was another unplanned activity. Don't you just love when you can instantly think of learning activities that come from whatever the kids are interested in? It all started when one child made a circle from the cars and I commented, "Or it could also be the letter O." And I ran with it and asked kids to see what other letters they could make with the connecting cars!

   I believe that the best learning activites are the ones that are spontaneous and simple! Each one of these activities has been a huge hit!

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