Thursday, September 1, 2016

Classroom Reveal ... FINALLY!

   Ok, we have now officially been in school for 2 weeks! And I am finally ready to reveal my classroom pics to the Blogger World!
   My school is fairly new, just recently opened in 2013 with just one Prek and two Kindergarten classrooms, with additional grades and classrooms added each year. My Kindergarten classroom was added this school year to make four K classrooms.The growth is happening fast!

So, with that being said, I wasn't working with much, since it is a new K classroom.

   I currently have 18 kids and my room is the perfect for the size!
   I went with a Chalkboard theme because my classroom has a lot of white space and I knew black and bold colors would stand out!
It is not 100% yet. I wish I had more furniture, but I know as the year moves along, I will find things here and there to add to the classroom. But for now, this is what it looks like!

   It took alot of work to start from scratch again, but this is my Kindergarten classroom, and I LOVE it! As time passes, I know I will tweak the set up of the centers and the arrangement of the tables several times! (Hell, I already have done so about 3 times already in the past 2 weeks!)
But at least for the next few weeks,
 it will be a work in progress!

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