Monday, September 8, 2014

Come And Take A Peek Inside My Classroom!

    The school year is off to a GREAT start for me and I am hoping that the same is true for everyone! I don't mean to brag... but I have such a wonderful class this year! It could very well be that the reason for this is that I have 17 out of the 18 allotted spaces filled...because we all know how one child can change up a group dynamic really quickly and easily.
   But after just four days with my new preschool munchkins, I have ended each day with a smile. Yes, there are a few children who need that extra reminder or a small verbal reprimand, but it really isn't that bad. Compared to the class that I had the last time I was in a classroom...these kids are a dream! Let's hope that I am not speaking too soon!! I really don't see too much changing in the coming weeks though, as most of them follow directions, seem willing to do activities and are eager to see what things I bring out to the tables for them to work or play with. I am going to consider myself a little lucky this year.
   Anyhow, I realized that I never got around to sharing classroom pics!  (*gasp*)
  It is a small, cozy preschool classroom that, in my opinon, needs a little bit more of my own touch and probably some more furniture, as a few of my centers are going to have to be tabletop, rotating type centers. The fact that I only had about 4 days to get it all cleaned up and ready wasn't helpful in doing everything that I had in mind, but whatever. It is all a work in progress!
So, take a peek at my cozy classroom, decked out with a Jungle theme.
Circle Time Area
Our Schedule 
(with velcro on the back to switch up the schedule when needed)

View From The Back of the Room
 (Oh that lovely slide...wish it wasn't there but unfortunately, that is not my call...
due to the fact that this is a private preschool and some decisions are not mine to make.)
Truck & Block Center
Dramatic Play Center
Library & Critic's Corner
Art & Fine Motor Center
Math & Writing Center
So that's what my cozy little classroom looks like! 
It is a work in progress and I am sure I will change it up a few more times before next month!


  1. your classroom is lovely, :)