Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let the Creative Writing Begin!

   So, I thought this month was going to be easier than it has been. I have been micromanaging the household more than ever... and I am ready for a little break! But with the little munchkin's PreK Graduation around the corner and summer right behind it, there will be no break anytime soon for this momma...
   As I have been busy and have been trying to keep my sanity lately, I have had little to no time to create or search & print fun learning things for the munchkin to do. I have reverted to changing out her work trays and putting out simple activities, such as games and practice sheets to review skills that she already knows. Review is always good! BUT...Since it is review, she whizzes through it and asks for more.
   The other day, she brought home a picture of something she drew at school and spent almost 10 minutes telling me all about it. That was my moment right there: I knew it was time to really get started with some kind of journaling.
    I found a marker/watercolor pad in one of my zillion boxes of teacher stuff and found some fun stickers in my scrapbooking stuff.
I used mod podge to paste the journal cover onto the drawing pad.
 She decorated her journal cover:
    Her drawing skills are a work in progress and to help encourage her to create stories for her journal, I gathered random stickers from her sticker books and let her create away! 
    After she created each picture, she went on and on to tell me all about it. I tried my best to keep up with all of it and wrote down her words. (It is important when journaling with children to not try and correct their sentences too much. It is their own story, after all.)
Here are a few of the stickers stories that she has made:
These are her first genuine little stories and I will cherish these forever!!
I have now created a Creative Journal Kit for her:
   I found an empty scrapbooking storage box and I have added in some smelly markers (kids love them!) and some more random stickers that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. Now when she wants to do any creative writing (or drawing), all she has to do it grab her box!  I also plan to switch up writing utencils and creative tools (stickers, random photos, etc) to encourage her creative writing in many different ways!
Do you do any kind of journaling with your munchkins? 
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