Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busy Weekend... and the Facebook Fan Giveaway winner has been chosen!

   It has been a busy weekend so far! My husband  graduated with an MBA yesterday and we have started some small backyard projects that I am excited about!
   Yesterday I revealed the winner of my Facebook Fan Giveaway: 
Sandra Martinez Sanchez 
was the one lucky winner of the Kinetic Sand and Alphabet Cutters!! 
    HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated!!
    And with all the giveaway fun, I managed to increase my Facebook Fan number to 107! So, you know what that means right?? Another giveaway is in the works!  YAY!!
   That is, sadly, all that I have for now... I have some cleaning to do around the house and then I will probably fall right to sleep when my head hits the pillow tonight!

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