Friday, April 4, 2014

Freebie Friday: Two FREE things for you to check out today!

    Alright, it's that time again! It's Friday and time for a Freebie! And today is extra awesome because not only do I have a freebie for you from my own creation, I want to share a new app that I discovered, which is FREE on iTunes.
    I am sure everyone has heard of Rosetta Stone, right? Well, did you know there is now a new and FREE Rosetta Stone App for Kids?
    I don't remember how I came across it... I believe it was a Facebook ad. It's called Rosetta Stone Kids: Lingo Letter Sounds.
    It is a fun interactive app where the Gogo Lingos talk to you and they can hear you too when you speak into the microphone. 
There are two activities in this app.
 One is a Letter & Sound Matching Game and the other is a listening and speaking game, where you can hear a phrase in Spanish and then repeat it.
The Listening and Speaking Game is our favorite:
If you repeat the phrase in a similar way in which they say it, the little Gogo Lingos will start dancing!
It is very cute!!
We love it!
The other game is a Letter & Sound Matching Game:
Click on the App Photo to check it out for yourself. It's FREE on iTunes!
Rosetta Stone Kids: Lingo Letter Sounds
And I just found another FREE one that we are going to try out:
Rosetta Stone Kids: Lingo Word Builder
Lots of Spanish Learning FUN!
    (*This review and the opinions about these apps are my own and I was not asked or paid to promote these products.)
    And now to my FREEBIE for you!
    I am getting ready to start Journal writing with the little munchkin because she has been bringing home drawings from school and tells me lengthy stories about the pictures. So, it is time to document this!
    I haven't decided whether I want to just print off journal pages or get a little notebook and let her decorate it. So, I just created a quick journal template just in case I decide to print off pages as we go. And it's yours FREE today! 
   I have included two different formats; one without lines and one with lines. ENJOY!
Click the pictures to get your free copy at my TPT store or just click here!

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