Friday, April 25, 2014

Freebie Friday: Fun with addition and jelly beans!

   Happy Friday everyone! This week has flown by fast for me and I can't believe that I missed National Jelly Bean Day, which was on Tuesday!
   Well, who else still has left over jelly beans and plastic eggs??? I know I do.  I made sure we put them to use again and created an addition activity for the munchkin.
    I took some of those cute plastic bunny and carrot shaped eggs and other eggs that I snagged at the Dollar Tree and put jellybeans of the same color in each one. 
    She opened each egg and counted how many were there. She then colored the jelly bean on the paper the same color and wrote down the number. Then she proceeded to open another egg and repeated the process.
She had all the jellybeans from the two eggs and then counted them and added them together.
Click here or on the picture below to grab your own copy of this fun jelly bean addition sheet and have fun!
     Well, now I need to get back to my huge project that I started this week.
(I feel like I start a new project every few weeks, whether the previous one is completed or not.  I know, I have issues when it comes to all that!)
    This time, I have been courageous and have begun to tackle the mess in the garage and started to organize my teaching materials... I have way too much stuff! I joke with my husband all the time that I can open up my own little school with all the materials I have...It seriously is THAT much stuff (excluding furniture of course)
  I usually take time in the summer to organize it all, but then it gets all unorganized during the school year and things aren't where they don't belong. I think I am going to try labeling my bins this time around...
Anyone have any good organizing ideas?? Please share!

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