Sunday, December 9, 2012

Counting Christmas!

    My little munchkin has been counting down the days until Christmas! And I am not sure she fully understands the whole tradition of Christmas,..or if she is just counting down the days until our family is here!
   Anyhow, she has amazed me in her math skills lately! We read the book, Counting Christmas by Karen Katz and have been working on lots of fun math activities. 
   I took advantage of the sales on cyber Monday and found some awesome Christmas Center Packs!
   Here is the pack I purchased on TpT which I am featuring in this post.
   I loved these worksheets but since she cannot write numbers yet- I found an alternative way for her to use this worksheet. I used foam numbers and I was very impressed by how fast she completed the sheets!
   Then we worked a little bit on patterns. Umizoomi is one of her favorite shows at the moment and I heard her making patterns along with the show and she was kicking butt! =) So, I knew she was ready for a little pattern work!
   First we worked with some die cut shapes from my xmas stash. There is one of our shih-tzus watching her work! =)
       Then went on to the worksheets included in the math pack.
And then she made her own pattern:
 In my Christmas junk, I also found some stockings with numbers on them. I couldnt remember exactly how I had used them ( I think they were counting mats), but I had her do some ordinal number practice and asked her to line them up and put the stockings in order. And BAM- she was done!
This is just a sneak peek of all the things we have been doing at home! 

Stay tuned for some more... and shhh... a FREEBIE is coming soon!! 

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