Sunday, October 7, 2012

Super Hero Sunday!

    Currently, my little munchkin is obsessed with “The Avengers”. She was so excited when it finally came out on DVD!  I think we have probably watched this movie at least 7 times since we bought it!!!!

    I love that she is a little girl at times and is all about dolls and dress up; and she can switch over to a little tomboy and love trains, cars and superheroes! 
    I found this cute Superhero Pre-K Pack at Over The Big Moon, and I wanted to share it with you! There are some fun activities that she and I enjoyed doing today!

    First we tackled the puzzles of Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and Thor.
    Then we worked on a Letter Ss search. She complained that her hand hurt after coloring the first few letters! 
    (Although she can grip a crayon correctly, she tends to press pretty hard when she is coloring, so she gets tried pretty quickly.)
    So I made it into a game and we each took turns finding a letter and coloring it.

    And then we worked on some Super Hero Patterning Fun!

    Click here (or the picture above) to check out this Super Hero pack, and use it with your little one! There is more learning fun in this packet that she and I have not done yet!

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