Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Leaf fun with my little one!

   My little munchkin has been patiently waiting for more leaves to fall from the trees so we can rake them up and have tons of fun jumping around in the piles! Last year we did it for the first time and the pictures I took were absolutely priceless!

    In the meantime, while we wait for those leaves to a fall and for autumn to be in full effect, we will continue to talk and have some fun learning about the change in weather and all that comes with it.
   We went outside in our backyard to collect leaves and came back inside and talked about the beginning letter in the word “leaf”.  I pulled out some fall scrapbook paper, drew the letter Ll and let her glue her leaves onto the paper.
   And I found a cute Fall Tree snack idea in an old Mailbox magazine and put my own twist on it:
   After that yummy snack, we took a nice nap! 

   All during the week, she bugged me to do some “work” with her paint stampers. Yes, she actually tells me “I wanna do work.” So we tore up some brown paper and glued them onto a sheet of white paper to make a tree. Then she went wild, adding red, yellow and orange “leaves” with her paint/bingo stampers.

   During the week, I had her act as my little guinea pig and we did some letter and spelling work on the Fall Spelling mats I created. This is one creation that I am so proud of! She enjoyed finding and matching the letters, so I knew it was a winner and I printed and laminated a set for my classroom! J
Grab your copy here, in my Tpt store!

    My Tpt product list is slowly growing!  Yay!

    If you purchase and download anything from my little store, please provide me with some feedback! I am working on the quality of my work and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  THANKS!


  1. Hi Sara,

    Your blog is awesome, so cute and full of activities. I like the way you presented this leaf activities...I knew that kids have fund out here...

    1. Thanks for your comment! I always try to make things fun for my munchkins, especially when I do themes!