Friday, November 4, 2016

Las Vocales/ The Vowels

  As a teacher who is new to teaching in Spanish at the Kindergarten level, it is hard to find good quality teaching resources (that are aligned with Common Core) to use, but thank goodness for Teachers Pay Teachers and some amazing teachers who have taken the time to create resources that are tailored to the needs of Spanish/ Bilingual teachers and students. One such teacher is Miss Campos, creator of Miss Campos Bilingue. She has some awesome teaching resources and printables that I have discovered. I have already purchased all of her resources for Vocales (Vowels). The past few weeks, we have been working with mastering all of the Vocales. Here are just a few of her resources:

Pocket Chart Cards

Sorting Picture Cards
Sound/Picture Search
Cut & Sort Pictures

    Once all of the vowels are learned, we will move onto Spanish consonants! And I do plan to continue to use these awesome resources! 

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