Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where have I been????

    No, I have not forgotten about my lovely blog. Abandoned it a bit? Yes... As usual, life has become so crazy and much of my time the last month has been spent in baby shower planning mode! No, not for me... for my younger sister!! She is having her first child and I am working my butt off to make sure that her baby shower is everything that she wants... Aren't I the BEST big sister?  =)
   Anyhow, with that said, I have been away for awhile, and I do have plans to get back into blogging. I keep up with alot of other blogs and bloggers via Facebook, but I do miss taking the time to really read through blog posts. So I have every intention to get back into it... just not in the next few weeks! The baby shower is taking place in just over a week, and so hopefully my attention can go back to blogging and all the fun that comes with it!!

Here is a peek at the Baby Shower Invite: 

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