Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!!

   Yes, I have horribly neglected my blog....The holidays hit and everything became chaotic... and there was just not enough time in the day! The holidays really did take so much out of me this year, especially since we had our family come into town this year.
   Anyhow, the holidays are past us (even though our tree is still up) and I am ready for a fresh every little aspect of my crafty, busy life!

   For my goals this year, I added a few more project-y kind of things, just to keep life interesting!
   1) Read more (again!) I ended 2014 with 37 out of 52 books read! I am taking the 52 Book Challenge again this year and have even joined an online book club, hosted by a fellow teacher!
   2) I started a scrapbook a few years back- I started in August and got as far as November. It was too time consuming. But I miss being able to document things that happen in our lives. So I decided to look into SMASH Books. It is a different concept, but I think it is a more "on the go" type of thing. I hope to make random collages and journal at least twice a month! So far, I have two inside pages done (one journal entry and one collage) and it looks good. It seems less time consuming and well, let's hope it is something I can keep up with!
 Check out  what I have so far:
   3) And of course, I want to make sure that I make time to keep up with my wonderful blog! It has been a part of my life for quite a few years now and it has been a place for me to document and share so much of my munchkin's learning... and that is something that I want to definitely continue!
    So, here's to a busy and fun year!

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